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 Welcome to 'GELO'

We see ourselves as entrepreneurial thinking and acting consultors of our clients. Our legal advice is also always aimed at the economical benefit of the client.

In addition to their respective national legal and economical advice and representation actvities, the members of the cooperation have made it their task to work on and solve bilateral (Egyptian-German) problems with their international relations.

Our field of activity expands particularly also to international relations concerning the European Union as well as to another European countries and to those affiliated to the COMESA and naturally to all countries belonging to the Arabic League.

The main fields of legal advice of the cooperation include:
      • general civil and criminal law as well as transportation,
        traffic and insurance law •  IPR
      • family law, industrial and social law
      • company law, commercial and business law
      • lawsuit consel in all cases  /   arbitration and mediation

Thus optimum solutions are achieved by means of an inter-disciplinary cooperation among experts in order to solve problems occuring in each special legal field.
This enables us to guarantee very competent contract consulation.

Management / Chairmanship:

The structure of our organization is managed by our GELO-headquarters based in

                   GELO - Center:     Moltkestraße 17    •    32756 Detmold,  Germany

and our chaiman Mr.  Ullrich F. Dobke , Attorney at law, business adress same as above.

Mr. Ullrich F. Dobke at the age of 55 has good legal and forensic experience in common civil and criminal law. He has been conducting his own office since 1985.

In addition to his membership in the German Egyptian Lawyers Organistaion and his participation in affiliated workshops, he is a member of various other organizations, to name a few his membership in the German-Arabian Chamber of Commerce in Cairo (GACIC-Cairo) and in the Society for Arabic and Islamic Law (GAIR).

Futhermore, since 1999 Mr. Ullrich F. Dobke and several other colleagues have been endeavouring to accompany the bilateral relations between Egypt and Germany on a legal basis and thus to assist in further developing and strengthening reciprocal relations with the help of good legal advice.

It goes without saying that in a world continuing to grow closer together the activities of GELO can not only be aimed at bilateral relations between Germany and Egypt, but inevitably must include Europe, Arabia and Africa as well. Besides the countries and organizations "arround the Mediterranean Sea", i.c. the European Union and the Arabic League, the members of the COMESA have to be named.

The Organization is looking forward to any further contact to other national and international organizations and welcomes also with the same enthusiasm further lawyers who are interested in and committed to expanding the cooperation to serve as the foundation of a trustful cooperation.

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